St. Martin Consulting LLC has consistently leveraged its core competencies to surpass its clients’ expectations for targeted results and sustained quality. In many cases solutions emerge as a result of continuous analysis and adjustment of key management metric levers and drivers.

Results are typically manifested in the form of improvements in financial and operational management metrics, profitability, new revenue streams, but also in transformed, connected, creative, goal-oriented organizations, with clear roadmaps to market advantage and operational and financial excellence. A sampling of client assessments and implementations include:


  • Asset Value Optimization- Led a team of engineering and field operations managers of an independent oil and gas producer in Oklahoma City, OK, in the design of asset optimization processes, generation of their first base production annual budget, and associated quarterly asset review process. Resulted in sustained and increased base asset value in poor market price conditions -2015
  • Asset Management Implementation- Installed processes, KPIs, tools, and re-purposed management meetings at a major California producer that improved the planning and execution of CAPEX drilling projects. Plan attainment / stability / 90-Day backlog improved 80-90% -2013
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management Assessment- Analyzed the E&P strategy and tactics in Midland, TX to improve agility by recommending better staging strategies for materials, services, and rigs for drilling, completions, work overs, and routine well work -2012
  • Asset Management Implementation- Implemented strategic 24-month, tactical 90-day, and operational 28-day planning and scheduling capabilities, production surveillance and optimization techniques in the Cook Inlet, Alaska. Maximized project deliverability, and increase existing well production by 8-10% over a targeted annual goal of 3.5% -2011
  • Production Optimization Implementation- Designed and led the implementation of improved production operation practices (execution procedures, production meeting design, production monitoring, well testing, and well surveillance techniques). Led to an increase in offshore oil & gas production in Gulf of Mexico field assets by 6%-10% over a targeted 3%, and an increase in annual revenues by a net $10M –2010
  • Logistics Assessment- Analyzed helicopter and supply boat logistic networks (1 heliport and 3 supply boat bases) to improve reliability and operating costs, for offshore Gulf of Mexico production operations – 2010
  • Pipeline Operations Assessment- Analyzed and proposed improvements for Commercial & Operations processes (procedures, roles/responsibilities/RACI, and metrics) in San Antonio, TX -2009
  • Refinery Operations Assessment- Designed unit/shift team balancing, processes, and roles/responsibilities/RACI, to consolidate refinery control rooms outside “blast zone” in Louisiana –2008


  • Data Warehouse Cleansing Implementation - Managed a client team at a major US property management company in reconfiguring its customer data to upgrade its marketing research capability in New York City - 2008


  • Capacity Analysis Study- Leveraged computer simulation and manufacturing capacity planning at a medium-sized international airport facing increased airline traffic, and identified suitable levels of capital investment for terminal capacity expansion and retail revenue opportunities. Identified $5M savings on an $80M development budget.